Uganda Mt. Elgon Micro Farm Coffee

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Our delicious organically grown and ethically traded coffees are produced on the western slope of Mt. Elgon in Eastern Uganda by 884 farmers who qualify as "micro-farms" because they only farm an average of 2.4 acres. Unlike many conventional coffees, these farmers produce so little each year that they must band together to bring their coffees to market.

We are able to connect you to these beautiful farmers through our close partnership with the Mountain Harvest organization. They are dedicated to helping these small-holder farmers by challenging the norms for coffee production in Uganda. Mountain Harvest farmers grow coffee — primarily the SL-14 and Nyasaland varieties — in some of the highest elevations in the world, ranging from 1,600 to 2,200 meters. By elevating it to the highest standards, through improved production and processing, Mountain Harvest is tapping into the unrealized potential of Uganda’s arabica coffee.

Mountain Harvest is also leading a revolution in the coffee industry. We’re driven by the belief that what tastes best in your cup can and should be sustainable for the environment and provide a living income for farmers.

Tasting Notes: This coffee boasts aromatic notes of Nougat and Caramel with a delicate citrus impression
Community: Bushiyi, Makaali, Manafwa, Bufuma, Sipi, Kajere, Buginyanya, and Yilwanako-Mayiyi
Region: Mt. Elgon
Country: Uganda
Variety: Nyasaland and SL-14
Process: Fully Washed; Patio Dried
Elevation: 1,600 to 2,200 meters

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