Coffee & Chocolate direct from farmer to you!

Our mission is to trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers in developing countries, offering customers ethical choices.


Our Values

Just as a local farmers market creates a connection to people who grow our food, Farmers First connects you to coffee farmers.
Farmers are our partners! We partner directly with farmers and roast their beans into delicious coffee for you.
Farmers are paid more through direct trade so they can provide for their families while continuing to invest in the quality of their coffee crops.


Every delicious cup of Farmers Market Coffee helps transform poor communities that depend on their coffee crop to feed their families. Farmers get a strong up-front price for their coffee beans and a portion of the profit. Farmers Market Coffee brings you closer to the people you help through your support. Because this coffee is sourced directly from the participating farmers, you will see the faces and learn the stories of the actual people who grow your coffee.