Most "fair" trade programs claim to give coffee farmers a better income, but the truth is that most of that money never actually makes it back to farmers.⁽ˢᵉᵉ ᵐᵒʳᵉ⁾

Together, you and Farmers First Coffee are partnering directly with small-scale farmers who are already receiving at least 50% more than the market price for coffee. So, here's the question:

Can we do more? Can we do better? We now have a way to do that: pay your own bonus to a farmer.

Your bonus is processed securely by Paypal and receives a discounted "micro" transaction rate, so it won't get eaten up by card fees.

Double the Impact for Your Partner-Farmer

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Don Rufino











Don't just take our word for it: a 2019 comprehensive study entitled, "Where Does the Fairtrade Money Go?" states:

Fairtrade certification aims at transferring wealth from the consumer to the
farmer; however, coffee passes through many hands before reaching final consumers. Bringing together retail, wholesale, and stock market data, this study estimates how much more consumers are paying for Fairtrade-certified coffee in US supermarkets and finds estimates around $1 per lb. I then assess how this price premium is split between the different stages of the value chain: most of the premium goes to the roaster’s profit margin, while the retailer surprisingly makes smaller absolute profits on Fairtrade-certified coffee, compared to conventional coffee. The coffee farmer receives about a fifth of the price premium paid by the consumer."

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